Monday, 27 August 2018

A New Beginning

I've been away for a while again, if you're a long time follower it won't be a surprise, I do this every now & then.  I recently threw out (& by threw out I mean donated or sold) pretty much everything I owned, clothes, books, shoes, bags, make up ... I didn't know what I wanted to replace it all with, but I knew I just needed a fresh start. I just went through the motions, getting up, getting washed, dressed in plain clothes, going to work, coming home, watching Netflix & going to bed. I went to the doctors, the dentist, did all that boring adult stuff that I'd been putting off & then one day it just clicked. I can't tell you what it was that made that click or even specifically what my thought process was, but I just decided to immerse myself in what I love, of course big changes in life and mindset always need a change in my appearance, so I decided to dye my hair pink.

It's not the specific shade I had in mind, but considering my hair had layers of black hair dye on & the ends were fried to hell & back, I'm super pleased with the results, and my hairdresser (The amazing Tash on Hair Magic in Loughborough) has basically told me to let this fade as much as I can bare it and then just pack on the shade of pink I want and it WILL get there! Anyway, this isn't a post all about my hair, I'll be doing that shortly though.

This post is really just a long winded hello, a small explanation and a declaration of my intentions to better myself, my blog, my social media and my life.
 I just want you to forget the Rachel War you think you know, because so much has changed in my head, my idea of where I want to go & what I want to do is so different and I'm ready to truly embrace all the weird and wonderful things I love.