Monday, 3 September 2018

Londonedge September 2018

After being ill all last week with tonsillitis and no audible voice, I was really concerned I wasn't going to be well enough for Londonedge. Londonedge happens twice a year and it is THE thing that I will make a priority for myself to go to because it is so much fun.  Well thankfully, my voice returned the day before Edge leaving me with just a dry throat & feeling a bit tired, but that's what energy drinks are for right?

I'm so proud of myself for actually being able to get to the show by myself, it was only a few years ago that I was in London alone for the first time ever & cried on the underground because I had no idea where I was going. Thankfully a community support officer noticed me, gave me a hug and actually caught the tube with me where I needed to go! But also, on top of that terrifying experience, I'm scared of train platforms and esculators, and DAMN there are a lot of esculators on the underground!

I arrived at Angel Station, met up with the lovely Kim from The Colour Chronicles and we grabbed some food from Five Guys before the show. Then we met up with Gem from Gems Up North and visited the Press Office at the show where we had a glass of bubbly & mingled with some other bloggers, influencers & models. Was pretty sad this year that Jess from IAmFoxxtailz & Lucy from LJLV were unable to attend but I did meet some new friends! I feel like Danee Faith & I have been following each other on twitter for forever & I finally got to meet her, she's so much fun! We also bumped into my goth queen Kinga from RockThisRunway & her friend Grace! Charley from Being Charley rocked up just as we were leaving the event for some food in the most amazing outfit she made from a bin bag, she seriously looked fab af!

The show was amazing as per usual, this time my pass actually had me as a VIP Blogger for the first time ever & I got a lovely goodie bag of pieces from some of the brands at the show.  Usually the event is super inclusive but I have to say I was disappointed by a few influncers, who preach body positivity slating the models body's in the runway shows and having a go about the Suicidegirls performing at the after party. Not something I've ever experienced at Edge.

I checked out the brands at the show with Gem & Kim, we talked to so many lovely brand reps & saw & photographed so many amazing pieces. I've written out my favourite brands from the show below, I know this list is ridiculously long but there were so many to choose from!

Favourite Brands:
- Jawbreaker
- Dr Faust
- New Rock
- Innocent Clothing
- Spin Doctor
- Banned
- Demonia
- Fearless Illustration
- Grindstore
- Hades
- Kreepsville 666
- Plastichead
- Punky Pins
- Sourpuss
- Strange Cvlt
- Sullen Clothing
- T.U.K Shoes
- Vixxsin

After the show, we crossed the road to Chipotle, rested our feet, hydrated & fed ourselves as well as using their bathroom to get changed for the after party, then headed down to The Angel (a Wetherspoons) for drinks & a good old catch up.

The after party was next level awesome, they blow me away every season! It was held in The Electrowerkz in Islington, the entertainment was all provided by Dis-Grace by Suicidegirls and as such, there were a few SGs there! I had a proper fangirl moment when I walked past Bea Dux and she recognised me, said hey, gave me a hug & told me she liked my hair! Seeing Linzie Belle perform was amazing! I've had the song she danced to in my head ever since (there's a small snippet of her performance in my instagram highlight "LE Sept 2018"). Some of the other girls that were there and/or performing were Vaughn Suicide, Rebecca Crow, Flik Suicide & Tigress.

We headed back to our hotel just before midnight, got back at like 1am, got some chips en route, Kim & I had a wee picnic in my room before we went to sleep, never slept so darn well! Premier Inn Hub is cheap as anything but the beds are top notch! In the morning Kim & I did a bit of shooting down Brick Lane, then had Wasabi for lunch, met up with Gem & her boyfriend Dean to do some more shooting, I quickly popped to meet Becca irl for the first time which was sick & then it was time to catch the train home!

Below are a few pictures from the event itself, some really awesome pieces and I've definitely found a few new favourite brands this show!