Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Fuel Girls at London Tattoo Convention 2018

This year was my 3rd visit to London Tattoo Convention and as always, the highlights were the performances. Last year, I missed the performance by The Fuel Girls but caught Pyrohex. I freaking love the Pyrohex performances but this year the tables turned, I missed the Pyrohex performances and scored a front row, stage side view of The Fuel Girls performing & it's given me a whole new love and appreciation of them, as well as a new girl crush.

The absolute star of the show for me was Katrina. Don't think I've ever looked someone up on instagram so fast! She did the most angelic but at the same time sexy chain ariel act, there was fire too and omg the strength she must have in her neck to pull off a move like this! Absolute girl crush going on here, she's Aussie, Vegan and her face really reminds me of Jess & Lisa from The Veronicas, who coincidentally are also Aussie & Vegan!

Teta did a beautiful Cleopatra inspired ariel fire hoop act, I unfortunately didn't get many photos of this one, she was one of the first acts and I was still getting to grips with taking photos on my phone when the subject is loving quite fast.

Kayla & Charlotte also did a really cool fire act which had the most catchy song that got stuck in my head for the rest of the night, later I obiously looked it up & found out it was Halsey's - "Castle", actually never heard any Halsey even though I know so many people who love her music. Again, really didn't get many usable shots from this performance. I WILL get better at this, I will!!!

Cheryl was absolutely phenomenal! I was wide mouthed for her entire performance, this lass has insane strength, flexibility and beauty!

Jasmine's fire act was awesome. She had the most terrifying contacts in too, so when she looked at you it seriously felt like she was about to eat your soul, and she was so beautiful I'd probably have let her! Also, DAMN this lady can spin a staff! And crack a whip too!

I've got a bunch of awesome Fuel Girls prints that I picked up last year & now I'm even more excited to finally get them framed & up on the walls with all our other prints!