Sunday, 14 October 2018

Skincare with Aesop

For the longest time I have been incredibly lazy with my skincare regime and incredibly lucky about my lack of spots & blemishes. This all changed last year when I started taking the anti-psychotic meditcation Quetiapine and my whole jaw and neckline errupted in masses of deep, cystic, painful acne. I upped my skincare at this time from just using face wipes to a whole regime of The Bodyshop's Tea Tree products, things still weren't getting better & I ended up coming off the Quetiapine as I wasn't finding it helpful, was heavily sedated & obviously lots of big & painful spots doesn't exactly boost your confidence! 

Since coming off the Quetiapine, my skin has definitely settled but it seems to have left my skin vulnerable to developing spots & now a face wipe simply isn't enough, I need to religiously maintain a routine. I finished my Tea Tree products from The Bodyshop & decided to make an investment in my skin & splashed out buying a new regime of full sized products from Aesop.

I chose a cleanser, toner, moisturiser & exfoliant. These 4 products cost £140, the most I've ever spent on toiletries. But I cannot tell you how worth it this has been. You barely need any product at all, this is gonna last me a long time! And the way my skin feels and looks since using these products is so improved. I look fresh, not puffy at all, my skintone is a lot more even & I've not had a single spot appear when using this daily, if I miss a day or two & just use a face wipe I will get a spot, so this stuff definitely works!

Also, it's really nice to have a cruelty-free, vegan friendly regime that comes in glass & not plastic (the exfoliant is in an aliminium squeeze tube). And I loved that in the package they included a pump for the cleanser, as well as a few samples of their other products and a cotton Aesop branded drawstring bag too!

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