Monday, 5 November 2018

Tattoo Story #2

A while back I wrote a blog post about my first tattoo which you can read here. I've only got two at the moment, a never ending list of new ones I'd like but no money to bring them to fruition right now. I thought it was about time I spoke about my 2nd tattoo which I got done in 2014 in Wolverton.

I'm actually a bit embarrassed by this tattoo, not that I don't like it anymore, I still love it but I wish I'd gone somewhere else to get it done because it's really badly done, wiggly, uneven lines, the dots aren't centred or symmetrical ... it's rubbish.

I still didn't really know that much about tattooing in 2014 & figured traditional style tattoos were easy as hell & anyone could do them (you ignorant fool Rachel), so I found the closest tattoo studio to me (I'm not gonna name the studio but it's pretty obvious if you google tattoo studios in Wolverton).  I'm pretty sure the folder the artist gave me to look at of his work wasn't his because it actually looked pretty good & the work he puts on his Facebook page now is atrocious.So obviously that's my mistake, I picked the wrong artist, I didn't do my research & I pushed off my bad feelings about the way the guy talked to me & got it done anyway.

The next big warning sign, when discussing the design, the tattooist himself didn't talk to me at all, it was all his receptionist & that led to a few miscommunications & basically me having to draw the design out myself for them to use, they had no input in to the design at all, didn't suggest changes, show a variety of heart shapes or flower positions, nothing, it's exactly what I drew.

Anyway, the day came to get tattooed & everything was going ok until it he swapped out the machine he was using, I stopped him to ask why & he said it was for the shading. Well, I had told the guy on reception who I was talking to about the design that I didn't want any shading, so I very politely said that I didn't want it shading & he lost it, he sat straight up and moved away from me a bit and said "OH ... Well I don't normally do tattoos like that because they look like SHIT!". I was definitely taken a back at this point & totally shout have said something or got up & left. But I just said that I'd told the guy on reception this when discussing the design, he looked incredibly miffed & said "whatever, it's your tattoo" & carried on. He also made a similar comment when it came to the colours, he didn't like that I wanted the banding around the heart to be yellow, by this point I wasn't even remotely apologetic anymore & just said that's what I wanted & he did it.  Then when the thing was finally finished he had the nerve to say it actually really looked good & it's a good thing he didn't do the shading & how it looked authentically traditional that way & was some of his best work, before taking a bloody picture of it! I tell you, biting my tongue while he was going on like this was so hard!

So yea, the tattooist wasn't a nice bloke, he completely ignored me while he was tattooing me & then had some random dude come in & stand uncomfortably close to me for half an hour chatting just general catch up type stuff to him. It was so awkward & I have never been so relieved to leave somewhere. As soon as I was out the door I knew it didn't matter if it needed touching up in a few months or anything, I was never going back there.

When it comes to the pain side of things, again, I was disappointed to find this piece didn't hurt either. I had hoped I'd feel something more with this piece as it had colour & not just line work but the only thing I felt was a slight twinge, almost like a pinching sensation when the linework was done close to my elbow crease & that was for a second. So now I'm kinda convinced that I've just got a high pain tolerance & won't ever get a good adrenaline rush out of tattoos which is a tad disappointing.

Moving forward, although it was a horrible experience with the tattooist I chose, I do actually really like the tattoo, it looked a bit rubbish at first, like the lines looked thin & scratchy, but as it healed & aged the lines have widened & blurred a bit which I feel has made it look better. And I must say, the colours are still bright enough that 4 years on I still get people commenting on it & thinking it's new because the colours are so vibrant. I think in the future there are a few places on it that I'd get touched up, mainly line work and the colour on the blue flowers but I'm not in a rush. The only downer is that anytime anyone comments on it & says it's nice, I feel the need to point out all it's faults and how NOT good it is.